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Welcome To Rant Central
You have to register before you can post on our site.



Rant Central On Twitter
yep as it says,Rant Central On Twitter

first tweet

Rant Central
Rant Central is the most craziest forum on the net,come join us in the most abnormal way -)

follow us @RantCentral2011 on twitter
Nice work KP. I'll check this out as soon as I can.
Wildcard is awesome.
Finally got the tweet button installed on the forum. Thanks for the code KP. And nice work setting us up there.
Wildcard is awesome.
we have 95 followers on twitter woot!!
Yee haw! Big Grin

Good work, KP!!! Smile Smile Smile
Wildcard is awesome.
so we need something to tweet about at least 3 times a day,i'll sort that!!
so i have to become a member of twitter?i abhor sites like that,facebook etc.
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
I thought you finally got a Facebook . . .
Wildcard is awesome.
no i didn't
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
I just started following you. If anyone wants to follow me, you know where to find me.
[Image: MyUserBar2.gif]

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