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Protect Your Threads
Staying on topic is important and we all (including me) get off topic from time to time. When people come to a forum for the first time a link to a thread that's title doesn't match anything that is going on, sometimes they go back and catch up but they are more likely to be confused and then bounce.

I don't want to be that guy bitching all the time, to get more people here and keep the forum going I have to do what I have to do. And what I have to do is make a decision about each thread that has gone off topic.
  • Did the thread get derailed before it ever had a chance?
  • Did it ever have a chance to begin with?
  • Has the OP contributed to the off topic posting?
  • Is the thread worth saving

If none of those are true then thread gets thrown in The Pit.

But if I see that an OP (take stormium, for example) has protected their thread by making it clear and easy to understand what is expected of posters (take the cake thread for instance) then I will help police that thread and simply remove off topic posts.

Sometimes we want threads to get thrown into The Pit, but remember it isn't the topic of the thread that gets it filed, its the validity of the discussion. You can talk about anything you like as long as it is within reason anywhere on the forum.

Just some things to think about. Thanks to you all for signing up and making a redneck happy. Smile

We have many great posters here. I used stormium and his thread as an example because it contains very specific instructions and would serve well as a model for protecting your threads from The Pit
Wildcard is awesome.

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