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Our Decaying Population of Intelligent People
(04-17-2018, 04:05 PM)spanishhalloumi Wrote:
(02-09-2018, 01:03 AM)Lethal Dose Wrote: The problems that you see are the cumulative product of something called democracy. Democracy you see is the search for the lowest social common denominator. Humans by nature want to do whatever their primal inclinations tell them will bring them pleasure, make them money, or reduce their need to exert mental or physical effort. The only way they can get what they want without being judged by others is to agree to lower their own standards for the sake of letting others get what their primitive little minds desire. Thus corners are cut, judgment is universally a bad thing, checks and balances are removed, and human society floats merrily down the sewer. But lets face it, as long as you can watch Game of Thrones and surf porn, you don't really give a fuck do you? Neither does anyone else. Don't fret it friend, just go with the flow.
Going with the flow is exactly the problem. Who the fuck are they to judge me? Who decides what's right and who doesn't. A bunch of people who are too scared to stray away from the norm. Game of Thrones and porn is a coping mechanism for all of us now, the only thing that'll get me through my shitty days and experiences. The 'flow'  is taking us to a downward spiral of decline that we probably can't get out of.

I basically just said that. But since you can't stop the flow (of sewage) you might as well join it. Who is anyone to judge you? We do. Me and my colleagues. We direct the flow of human sewage so it doesn't head our way. We give you your various poisons of mind and body so you can persue your favorite hobby of fucking yourselves and each other up, and as part of the game we also sell the medications to reduce your suffering, the medications to lessen the side-effects of those medications, the guns to end each others miserable existence, and in return for all we do, we simply expect you to live by our rules. Well we don't actually expect you to, which is why we have prisons, but we program you to be law-abiding-ish and punish you when you're not. Long ago you left us to do your thinking for you and that comes at a price. Simply accept it. We're systematically lowering the regulatory bar to allow you pissants more freedom to be the debotched little fuckers you are and increasing our profits at the same time, like legalizing weed for example, but it's a process and it takes time to do it right. 

If we were simply to remove all the restrictions and let you run wild the way you want to you'd end up fucking up the parts of the world we want to keep in good condition for ourselves. That would never do. Shit, if not for us pulling the strings you crazy fuckers would have ended all life on this rock decades ago. Be happy with your social media, your drugs, your porn, your cable TV, and all that other shit that defines your pittiful existence. Remember, there are countless starving kids in third world countries that don't have such luxuries. Have a toke for them.

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