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    Our Decaying Population of Intelligent People
    The world is a cesspool of hatred and various other disgusting things, such as ignorance and of course, it’s worse, incest-ridden sister, stupidity. We are plagued with these things every day that we live and breathe. And what can we do about it? Well, based on the (rather subjective) code of ethics, we are all supposedly supposed to accept it, and willingly acknowledge its existence. But for what purpose? Because we can? To define us as human, for the sake of free will, and it is our right as sentient beings to have a will to do whatever, as long as it’s in the limits of the law? I don’t understand. And those who say stupidity is simply something that can’t be fixed are simply missing the bigger picture. Imagine a world where ignorance doesn’t exist. Imagine the problems that can be solved. Racism, the subculture of a supposed one-thousand genders, which are simply the lower spectrum of what I would like to call “personal-preference ignorance”. Then you have those who can’t perform the basic human tasks of reading, writing, and simple math. Do not misunderstand, people with disabilities that can’t perform these BECAUSE of their disability are exempt from this rant, for they are born with imperfections that will never be fixed until science reaches a point that can cure all cancer with a single treatment with at least a ninety-five percent success rate in a reasonably sized test group. And for those who don’t understand, I’m saying that will never happen.
              If we could all simply educate ourselves, and not have to worry about things such as hate crimes, racial equality, the recognition of two genders in humans, and a variety of other things. Here in the U.S., I’m beginning to realize the impact of music on the general population. Music that would have been considered utter garbage even 20 years ago, is now plaguing radio waves with its insolence. I mean, I agree that music is an expression of one’s self, but the second you start acting like a “thug” or “G” because you heard a song that decides to talk about how amazing drugs are just because everyone is doing them, and they make you feel great for a while, along with verses referring only to being a complete whore (male or female) then the rest of the song is some degenerate repeating the phrase “Gucci-gang” is complete nonsense. Ah, but I should commend these people. You see, they (or their managers) know how to play with the emotions and ego of their listeners by putting out things that they absolutely know will sell to the majority of people who don’t know that they are being played like the strings of Hendrix’s guitar: smoothly, with passion, and a mixture of love and cocaine-filled euphoria.
              Honestly, there is no way to measure a person’s intelligence. I hear people all around the world shouting at me “IQ TESTS! IQ TESTS YOU INSOLENT FOOL! LOLOL” or “FOR SOMEONE WHO THINKS STUPIDITY SHOULD BE ERADICATED, YOU SURE ARE RETARDED!” but, here’s a pretty good argument to these claims. IQ tests are not an accurate measure of a person’s intellect per say, but more of a person’s complex thinking skills, and the ability to understand what is being presented to them (looking at you Mr. President, you waste of skin). Also, I think I overestimated a large portion of Internet users’ ability to use “big words”. It’s okay, because I’m waiting for people to insult me in every way imaginable, and I will enjoy every single moment of it. You could call me a troll, I suppose. It doesn’t matter, it is simply like everything in this world: it just is.
              Have a Jolly Good Day,
                       I’ll Make Sure That the Malcontents Are Sterilized*
                                 And Soon, Our World Will Be One.

    *This is simply irony, as it's something completely stupid, meant for a good laugh at the end of this rather serious discussion.

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