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    Often wonder what became of these guys.
    Ok so back in the late 1960’s I rented a 2 bed ground floor flat (apartment) with garden (yard)

    I was the first to move in not long after the other two flats were taken shared by 4 guys from United States Air Force serving as the base of the 6940th Radio Squadron, responsible for continued communications and SIGINT operation through the Cold War. This was my first encounter with anyone from America.

    It soon became clear from the sweet smells that accompanied these guys where ever they went we were to get along before you knew it they were sharing weed and shit (that’s what we called Cannabis Resin back then) on a daily basis. And for two delightful years we shared that house.

    I was taken to the Airbase and soon got to know a load of people but for me back then the Airbase was heaven, cinemas (We only had a flea pit) Bowling Ally’s (we had none) Duty Free shop (WHEEEEEEE Fill your boots) and grass and shit at giveaway prices!!! Happy days.

    At the aid of the stay they sold every possession they had they even gave me the car we all used to go about in as they were off to Guam.

    Often wonder what became of these guys.

    Do you have memories of people that touched your life and wonder what happened to them?
    (This post was last modified: 07-13-2013, 11:38 PM by snilloc.)
    Quote:Do you have memories of people that touched your life and wonder what happened to them?

    I do.

    I wrote a song about an elderly man that I worked with for a short while in 2001. He was the kind of guy that never frowned and always had a joke that you'd never heard ready for you.

    I changed jobs and lost contact with him. When I finally decided to look him up it was too late and he had already passed on. I often wonder what I missed out on by not staying in touch with him.

    (great thread @snilloc +1)

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