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    My fucked up love life...
    I've been with my gf for literally more than a year now. Heads up, I'm still a virgin. We barely kiss, literally little pecks and it took a lot of time to reach that stage as well. We did have one session, but that ended with her stopping me midway and telling me how to finger her 'better'. Like she literally stood up and explained it. That was a fucking huge turn off, and it basically means she still hasn't touched my dick.
    She basically takes me for granted, I swear we see each other like once a month on average, our relationship basically survives via technology. Used to kind of flirt  but now our convos are just dull and generic.I get left on read way to many times and I honestly think she literally doesn't want to see me/ talk to me.

    Then I met someone else but she lives in a different city that's quite far. We were working together for one week and the entire office got drunk. Her, a few friends of hers and mine and me all got drunk and i ended spooning her. In the middle of the night she just held my hand and fell asleep on me. I thought yeh shes just drunk and this was a one off thing. But then the next day, the company was taking a car trip and i sat next to her, she fell asleep on my shoulder and again held my hand. That night we all got drunk and we somehow ended up kissing and then she came to my room. We didn't have sex but I did way more than anything I've done with my girlfriend. 

    Then I had to come back from the trip. But she stayed in contact. She knew I had a girlfriend but she kept talking to me so I didn't  think it was just a hookup. We've recently got into some very deep and meaningful conversations, more deep than ANY I've had with my girlfriend of 1 year plus. Eventually she told me she loved me, she felt a real connection with me and btw this was all via texts and facetime etc.. A girl that I'd only recently known told me she loved me. I've told my gf that I love her but she's never said it back.

    I get that I've described my gf as some sort of evil person but she's acc not, she's a lovely person..but more likle best friend material. I feel friendzoned in my own relationship. I feel like scum as well because I'm basically cheating on her and I know she would never do that to me. She does care about me and she does a lot of things for me.

    But i think i love this other girl as well. She's been so nice to me and is honestly the gf material that I've been missing. By being in a relationship I feel like I'm cheating on her as well. But I can't realistically get with her because again, she lives in a city quite far away. She has said that we never know about the future and honestly, if the opportunity arises I will get with her.

    I know this isn't really an advice site, but seriously what the fuck is wrong with me? Am I an actual dick? What the fuck do I do?
    (This post was last modified: 04-17-2018, 04:33 PM by spanishhalloumi.)

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