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    Music: hiphop
    I posted a link in The Pit to this t'other day and thought it belonged here...

    Doctor P and Adam F feat. Method Man - 'The Pit'

    (02-14-2015, 11:14 AM)imPROvise Wrote:  I was gonna share this the other day but then i got high, but I'll post it now because I'm high.

    Play Video YouTube


    Another killer from Wu Tang's Ghostface Killah, feat. Rap ICON Kool G RAp
    Words ring true

    50 Cent. The last (and one of the realist) gangsta rappers to have ever lived... Also, in my top 5 favorite rappers ever!!!

    "Momma said the lord gonna bless us, then came the landlord, beef and the stresses..."

    This is also what I'm currently listening to...at the library as my computer's sound is broken (again...). This song was on the very first rap album I lisened to.. A friend gave it to me... Public Enemy was the firs album I bought with money I earned from my first job... Oh the times... Smile

    So forget Oreos eat Cool J cookies!
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    What's the difference between me and you? I tell you raps heart in in the classics, not from the beginning, but from the golden age...
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    People argue that new rap is just a deviation from the norm; a different style with its own type of appreciation. NO, it's skilless crap made to generate sales from mostly rappers who don't know shit about anything. Mumble rap is just an excuse to hide lack of skill. Sorry kids, they don't make them like they used to (for the most part)

    I'm not too old to be inflexible. That's the way it is. Now DAS EFX, was different from the norm, but still considered real rap.
    "I'll twist you like and ankle G or maybe Chubby Checker", "I roll 2 spliffs so I guess I'm double jointed" Different delivery, but still lyrically awesome
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