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    Music: Roots music (folk, world, etc)
    Asian Dub Foundation - Free Satpal Ram

    Born to Be Wild
    [Image: papfaaach.jpg]
    Rüdiger Oppermann - Emerald Forest

    Born to Be Wild
    [Image: papfaaach.jpg]
    Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia - Raag Chandrakauns

    Born to Be Wild
    [Image: papfaaach.jpg]
    Asian Dub Foundation discography

    [Image: 42d1d4f6914f0b1be146a3be70bdfa5bd56b9806.jpg]


    Asian Dub Foundation - Wikipedia
    no description

    Dig the ADF experience:


    I laughed when I read on wikipedia the horrible words used to try to define the hybrid music of Asian Dub Foundation:
    Rapcore, Jungle, Ragga, Dancehall...
    Whatever... their music is but World Fusion with a strong accent on electronic and dub patterns.
    This music is a weapon, it's combat music - something that maybe rap was in the beginning but now it's lost in USA.
    ADF's sound is peculiar and really far from the rap shit of the majors with their metrosexual morons.
    They belong to the European experience where the way of thinking reggae/rap is still alive and well with bands of different ethnic groups mixing together in always new experiences, each bringing their peculiar culture.
    ADF brand is in the mix where dub atmospheres are suddenly perturbed with oriental grooves and also punk hints.
    I guess many of you just know them well... For those who don't...
    Come and taste... Smile

    There are 17 albums and 8 singles, including side projects of members of the band
    The sampling rate is 320kbps when possible. Different rates are signed in the name of the albums folders. Enjoy Smile

    Album List:

    Asian Dub Foundation LPs

    1995 - Facts And Fiction
    1997 - R.A.F.I
    1998 - Conscious Party
    1998 - Rafi's Revenge
    2000 - Community Music
    2001 - Frontline 1993-1997 (rareities and remixes)
    2003 - Enemy Of The Enemy
    2003 - Keep Banging On The Walls (Live)
    2005 - Tank
    2007 - Time Freeze (The Best Of 1995-2007)
    2008 - Punkara
    2011 - A History Of Now

    Asian Dub Foundation Singles

    1997 - Naxalite
    1998 - Black White
    1998 - Buzzin'
    1998 - Free Satpal Ram
    2000 - New Way, New Life
    2001 - Real Great Britain
    2002 - Fortress Europe
    2003 - 1000 Mirrors

    Deeder Zaman

    2008 - Minority Large - 192

    Dr. Das

    2005 - Visionary Underground - Keep the Grime On
    2006 - Emergency Basslines - VBR

    Ghetto Priest

    2003 - Vulture Culture - 192
    2006 - Beyond Flesh

    Born to Be Wild
    [Image: papfaaach.jpg]
    Malicorne - La fille aux chansons (Marion s'y promène)

    Laurent Vercambre: Violín, bouzouki, psalterion a archet, harmonium, mandolin, vocal
    Hughes de Courson: Guitarra eléctrica, bajo, cromorne, percusión, vocal
    Gabriel Yacoub: Guitarra acústica y eléctrica, epinette des Vosges, vocal
    Marie Yacoub: Dulcimer eléctrico, bouzouki, vielle a roue, vocal

    Born to Be Wild
    [Image: papfaaach.jpg]
    Sister Rosetta Tharpe - 'Didn't it rain'

    This lady kicks arse! Here she is singing about the rain in Manchester, England, while it's raining. Big Grin

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Wikipedia
    no description
    Flamenco is very idiomatic, so non spanish people can find it too ethnic. Of course, art is universal


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