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    Music: Muic related to movies or TV shows
    Ever hear a song that once you do, immediately think of that movie or show? Sometimes the song is more popular than the actual movie. Here is a couple I've been listening to. I won't name the show/movie, but will add the song you'll just have to guess which one I'm referring to!!


    Tv Show:
    (I just realized there was a music from movie thread... I didn't see) I think the fact I added TV saved my ass. But here is my TV offering in tribute to my all-time favorite show, celebrating James Gandolfini who would have had a birthday on 9/18 :

    And this movie song I've been listening to since this star passed away recently.

    RIP to 2 of the most epic actors
    The Sopranos theme song is one of my favorites. It fits so extremely well with the show.
    One of my favorie TV songs, from one of my favorite older shows...

    And for you youngsters... Us elden folk know this movie as soon as this song starts...

    Never cared for the cartoon until I heard Schooly D did the theme song

    Needs no introduction.
    Rocky 2 (in the beginning when they are going to the hospital in an ambulance)

    BEST rendition of a Rocky song to this day IMHO!!

    This was from the EPIC movie Beverly Hills Cop in 85. I forgot about it until they used it in an episode of The Grand Tour.

    Something about music, TV, and movies from this era that can't ever be duplicated

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