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Music Guitar Thread
Tony Rice

Wildcard is awesome.

good stuff there, mark.
what about electric
since no guitar thread is complete without FAIL,
i here present you my lame attempt at one of the best solos in history - hotel california.
that's cellphone quality footage, for your convenience.

Wow! That's really good!

I can't play that particular solo, but you did a great job. My solos are generally kind of free form, but I'd like to learn some staples like that. That's a great crowd pleaser.
Wildcard is awesome.
(12-08-2011, 02:34 PM)Mark Wrote: Wow! That's really good!

Blush seriously? Blush

you're too kind...
I think it's great.

I cover a lot of songs and I know how hard it is to get the essence of a solo. Maybe every note that you played wasn't synchronized with the album, but in a band setting there would be people in the crowd bumping mugs and telling each other, 'Just like the vinyl, dud!' Of course they would be raging drunks just like the guys that come to my show and watch me play rhythm all night and then tell me that I'm 'the greatest guitar player ever' :p Drunks, gotta love them. <--genuine rant
Wildcard is awesome.
that's brilliant! instead of spending time learning how to play things properly, just offer alcohol to your audience before you start the show! Smile
That's why I only play in bars Big Grin

No one knows I am sub par :p
Wildcard is awesome.

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