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Merry Christmas From Rant Central!
me too,but that has nothing to do with xmas
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
That's what I do for Xmas. I just sit at home and drink, avoiding everyone. You know what I hate te worst about Xmas? The fact that try start playing Xmas music three months before! Angry
Wildcard is awesome.
or those stupid annoying xmas adds on the tv
Yeah . . . and how every product gets a Santa claus label(like Coca-Cola/Pepsi)!!! Xmas is a holiday for those with weak minds and open mouths.
Wildcard is awesome.
It's just a money racket,the religion is totally gone out of it!!
Christmas has always been shrouded in deception. It basically came about as a cover-up for the Roman(pagan) holiday of Saturnalia. Celebrating the winter solstice(not the birth of any deity other than perhaps Tamuz) the feast if Saturnalia included such wonderful traditions as wife-swapping, lawlessness and rape. When Constantine converted to Christianity he converted Saturnalia along with himself and the rest of Rome, unless they wanted to die :p

Wildcard is awesome.
That's some source,very interesting read
It's really just the tip of the Roman Catholic iceberg
Wildcard is awesome.
they prob ask you to play xmas requestsHysterical
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
cause santa claus is coming to town Big GrinBig Grin

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