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    Last Minute Inconsideration
    I love the 'idea' of it too. It's just that I'm shitty at it. :p

    Wildcard is awesome.
    For me it is a way to put love and effort into a gift. Since I enjoy sewing and making bath products and baking, it works out pretty well. Of course there are those people who turn their noses up @ homemade gifts.

    I have made cook books for people before. They were a big hit. I included a page in the front specifically for the recipient and a picture of the two of us, then included recipes they had remarked about liking when I made that dish or dessert, and recipes that took into consideration their own personal dietary needs (i.e. one person was diabetic, one ate predominantly vegetarian and raw, one was looking to eat healthier and lose weight, one kept strict account of low sodium, etc). It was a tremendous amount of effort, but I truly enjoyed it and will do it gain.
    Cookbooks are a great idea, Aish, I'm going to steal that.

    When my brother was still married to his bitch-from-hell, it was a trial finding Christmas presents she'd like -- eventually we just ended up buying her something we'd like, because she would always give things away a year or so later ("cleaning out the cupboards") and forget who'd given them to her. She might have been a bitch, but at least she was also stupid Smile
    Steal away, darling. Enjoy Big Grin

    A great aunt once regifted a present I had given her - to me.
    My uncle who has now passed once gave me a quarter bag of weed for my birthday- when I was 11!!! My parents threatened to file charges after they discovered what he'd done. Big Grin

    Wildcard is awesome.
    WOW hahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa
    good one

    consistency is the hobdob
    of small minds[
    was out today doing the last min shopping,man was i stressed out,going from shop to shop,but it is all going to be worth it
    I wouldn't shop on Christmas Eve for anything. Around here people get violent.
    (12-24-2011, 08:42 PM)Aish Wrote:  I wouldn't shop on Christmas Eve for anything. Around here people get violent.

    You mean they'd actually physically assault you just to get a gift?

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