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Internet Addict
Being on the same section of the power grid as the regional children's hospital, power outages here typically only last a few seconds.
And since I have all the gear on my LAN connected to APC brand UPS boxes, everything stays on line even if the power went out for several minutes.
My UPS boxes will keep everything going for at least 8 minutes after the power disappears.
Thankfully, I have never experienced power outages here that lasted that long.
Which is why I have never bothered to buy an emergency power generator.
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
- Robert A. Heinlein
When I was out of town for so long recently, I was staying in an area that didn't even have cell reception, let alone Internet. I am actually surprised at how well I did. Without so much as my own PC, I just got on with my life as the situation demanded.

Now that I am back at home I am right back to the all-day-every-day PC use, but being away has led me to focus more on learning more about web programming and so while I spend an average of ten hours per day online, most of that is work.

So the question in my mind is if a person works on the Internet and still doesn't want to get off the PC when work is done, is there any hope at all for that poor schlub? :p
There are some well established ways to get off the net:

1. Go for a walk.
2. Watch TV.
3. Lock yourself in the bathroom.
4. Go to bed.
5. Get in your car and drive somewhere.
6. Get really drunk.
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
- Robert A. Heinlein
No 6 is terrible advice because a drunken internet addict will only end up posting a bunch of cringeworthy posts or aidz in haste....and watching tv is a million times worse than being net connected. Watching tv is a passive unthinking activity which is great for zombies, whereas doing stuff on the internet at least keeps your brain active.

My addiction's gone worse and i usually spend 12-16 hours daily being connected to the net. I lurk on irc the whole time i'm awake and spend a great deal of time on there daily. I log onto sb and here when i wake, and check back in throughout the day. When i finally leave for work, i take 2 mobile phones out with me should i feel the need to connect. One phone is for accessing sb, the other, my windows phone (which has a glitch and will only display half the sb page), for accessing rc. Having recently bought a second computer means i can rotate them to rest and spend more time on them, plus i now seed 24/7. Although i have over 1.5TB worth of films/music/tv shows etc to amuse me, if my broadband went down, i'd go out for a walk with my dog, and prolly take my phones with me. XD

12-16 hours might seem a lot, but i do a lot, so really don't care what others think about the time i spend connected.
"everyone wants to win but no one wants to drink a bucket of sj's piss" - bob5695
no idea how long i spend on line,my laptop is on 24/7,uploading,downloading
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[

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