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Ingredients on a pizza
And now we have devolved to swamp ass...
Peporoni, bacon, a lot of cheese and some meat and of course tomato sauce! Perfeto pizza! Im hungry now.
I like a very simple pizza. I can eat it with just pepperoni or with pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers.

But the big problem I have when I buy pizza from a supermarket is there is never enough cheese. So I buy Mozzarella cheese separately and grate it and put it on and that usually works out very well.

I used to live in Montreal and you could order pizza for delivery there and almost anywhere you called would deliver fantastically good pizza. But I have rarely experienced good pizza since then. Vancouver had a couple of restaurants that made great pizza (like one named Sympatico) but nowhere near as good as Montreal pizza.

My current city just has restaurants that make terrible tasting pizza. It's enough to break the heart of any pizza lover. So sad.
For me, a pizza has to include tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese to be classified as a pizza. To be a good pizza it has to be a "deep-dish" pizza. Also, it has to include meat or another type of animal-based product to even be classified as food.
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