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How Did You Find Rant Central Forums?
The dirty bastard,he never did that to me
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
Somebody needs to inseminate back on topic :p
Well, I just searched for a place to rant. Found it, joined it. End of story.
Well, I found it from suprbay
i joined when i saw a thread about RC on a fellow MyBB board called TopsForum.
I'd love it if you linked me to the thread/post you are referring to. Smile oh, and welcome Smile

I think this is the second thread. The first thread about RC had the same title and message and was posted a few mins before this thread. It got 404ed before any replies.

Anyway, I came here and loved RC. Thanks for the welcome. Smile
Hi there, Gogo from India.

I came to find this forum from while researching about your plugins. Smile
That's great to hear! Smile
SystemFolder replied to one of my silly posts on the TPB Forum and helped me with a problem and suggested that I come here and join.

He was very extremely helpful to me and so I was happy to take his advice.

Oh Yeah!


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