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Hosts and forum
Is there a host and a forum out there that will allow to use torrent files as attachments

anyone know
no idea
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
probably a stupid idea, but how about changing the .torrent extension to .txt before adding it as an attachment?
eh dunno bob
KARPACKIE, can you give a little more information about what exactly you need to do? Are you wanting people to be able to upload and index torrents? Or do you mean in a forum you want people to be able to add attachments to their posts of torrents?
Wildcard is awesome.
yes a torrent in a attachment,00webhost will allow torrent when ya upgrade also mybb said they don't care but ya will not get any support from them
i think i have found the answer
Will the site be any danger of viral/trojan attacks or ebing investigated for 'file sharing' if we allow torrents directly through the forum?
I am looking into this very carefully Aish as it might suit both forums,i'll get back to ya on it,i am only looking now
100% guaranteed to host a torrent site as i asked their live support and quick and great live support

also here

But it is ran by the owners of TPB

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