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    Help Request: Need your help / advice on new computer
    Thanks....i'm a pretty smart guy, because I know I'm incredibly stupid. With that said I think in the future I'll try to reinstall Ultimate via my backup disc or torrent, although everything is working correctly on Home Premum. LOL

    Why do I do this? Because I SHOULD be able to... I should be able to have Windows Ultimate like I did before but this time no problems...but it's Windows, patches, problems, and updates are part of my life.

    I just sucessfully reinstalled Object Desktop (which has Windowblinds) on my system. So I'm typing this from a GUI that looks like I have a MAC!!! AHAHHHAAHHAH Looks like a Mac, but doesn't run like a Mac of course.
    The following is just my opinion and represents my attempt to help you save your money.

    I would suggest that buying a new PC could be a terrible waste of money for the following reasons:

    PCs seem to be a dying breed. I wish I had some hard figures on this subject. But my sense is that fewer and fewer people are buying PCs and more people are buying handheld devices like tablets and iPhones. I expect that in a few years the numbers of PCs being bought will continue to dwindle. I bought a new PC about 7 years ago and then another new PC about 3 years ago. I now regret buying my newest PC and consider it a complete waste of money. My previous PC can handle almost any task I need it to. Many years ago, it was a real benefit to buy a new PC because there were so many apps that could benefit from the increased speed and storage space. But the PCs today seem to be plenty fast enough and big enough so that there is just no reason to buy a new PC.

    I apologize for stating this opinion without having any stats on just how many PCs are being purchased each year now. I think I first started to notice the change when it seemed that very few desktop PCs were being purchased and more and more laptop and notebook PCs were being purchased instead.

    I will do a Google search and see if I can come up with any stats for you now.

    OK. Here is a great example I found: http://techcrunch.com/2012/02/16/apple-s...macs-ever/

    According to this site, in the past four years, Apple sold more IPhones than all Macs ever sold.

    I know that is not exactly proof of my position, but it does dramatize there is a def trend away from PCs and towards handheld devices.

    Let me ask you this. What is it that you need to do on a PC that you cannot do on a Tablet? It seems to me that as time goes by, there are fewer and fewer things that require a PC.

    I'm sad to say this because I have always loved my desktop PCs. But, there are just fewer things that people need a desktop PC for these days.

    But this is just my personal opinion. The important question is what do you need to do on a PC that you cannot do on a Tablet or other handheld device?
    This just in.
    Win 7 reaches a "milestone" on Jan 13th.
    Official "mainstream support" ends on that date.

    Quote:Once mainstream support ends for a specific version of Windows, it then enters its Extended support phase, during which Microsoft offers only essential fixes and security updates. (Companies can also pay for specific nonsecurity updates.) When an OS reaches its End of extended support milestone, all official support ends. Windows XP, as many Windows Secrets readers know, passed its "End of extended support" date on April 8, 2014. It has not had official updates of any kind since. (For more specifics on MS product life cycles, see the online "Microsoft support lifecycle policy FAQ.")

    As noted in the "Windows lifecycle fact sheet," Jan. 13 marks the end of mainstream support for all versions of Windows 7 SP1. What does that mean for the millions of us doing our daily computing on Win7 systems? Very soon, our operating systems will be essentially frozen — we'll no longer receive any enhancements or nonessential fixes. We will, however, receive monthly security updates until Jan. 14, 2020, Win7's official "End of extended support" date (at which point, Microsoft will want us on Windows 13 — or whatever it's then called).

    Just as with XP this past April, Win7 systems should no longer receive updates of any kind after January 2020. And just as XP is now, Windows 7 will then become extremely vulnerable to new malware and exploits. Win7 will continue to work well after 2020 (there's no deadline for your Win7 license), but I wouldn't use it to go online. (I hope all XP users have heeded my advice and are now using some other device for their Internet activities.)

    Bottom line: Windows 7 is far from dead, but it is entering its final phase of official life. It's time to plan for that change.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash

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