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Help Request If You Don't Know The Answer (read before replying)
People come here (albeit rarely) to get help about some technical issue they may be having. There are plenty of forums where we can just chat and even a forum for tech related chat-- this forum is about helping . . . here's how you can do that.

Someone asks a question:

Do you know the answer?
Then answer . . . clearly and concisely, but be feel free to be yourself and chit-chat a little while helping people. It isn't fun when you're having issues so a little good humor never hurts.
Has the question been stated clearly?
Then walk away.

Don't post and say 'oh shit that sucks' or 'hahaha your computer broke' or 'i luzz ur av'tar homey, good luck'-- just walk away. This isn't your day to be a hero.
Then it is not inappropriate to (politely) ask questions that will help others to solve the issue.

NeedyGuy: My comp broke!! HELP!!!
HelpfulGuy: Can you be more specific? What kind of . . .. blah blah

NeedyGal: My comp broke!! HELP!!!
UnhelpfulSoonToBeBannedPerson: fuck you haha smilie haha . . .

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