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Happy New Year
so what ya all gonna do

go to your mates and get drunk

hook up with some women and party the night away

go to the jobs boring party bash

or just stay in and have a quite night
Attack my WIFI "donor" because he's costing me a fortune Wink Smile

Then when my daughter can't go onto" she'll finish whom ever off!!! Smile

Like me.......... She doesn't like trivial obstacles!!!!
My Torrents Are HERE And HERE Big GrinYay
I am more than likely staying in this year. A nice dinner, some wine, and (God willing) some manuscript time.
I have to play a New Year's party at a local bar- 5 hours worth Sad
Wildcard is awesome.
That's great, Mark! I hope you have a good time and book a few more shows from it.
5 hours is a lot and a lot of songs

well i am gonna stay in cause i hate new years,i mean why celebrate something and nothing is gonna change
I've already celebrated the New Year, at least the one that I put effort into and it means something to me (Rosh Hashana, the High Holy Days, and Yom Kippur). The secular New Year for me is just a good day to party Big Grin But as I said, am more than likely staying in.
a few years ago i was on a nightbus back home,i was the only one on the bus,then it dawned on me it was new years eve,that says enough?
the only time i celebrated new year was when my grandfather was still alive,he liked to gather the fam around him at that time
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
This year we'll have to have a reasonably quiet one, as we're off on proper holidays the next day (well, "proper" means the only time we could all get time off work together while my in-laws are visiting, three whole days Smile) -- I'll be driving, as always, which is fine by me as I hate being a passenger.

Quite a change from last year, when we had a cocktail party and the celebrations went on until the 3rd.
go on leanne ya party animal

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