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Free to Play Games
Free to Play (F2P for short) games are games which don't require money to PLAY. As in, you ARE 100% able to attack with your sword, but those Diamond-Gold-Unobtainium-Ultimate-Super-God membership players what have a level 3000 Zeus armor set are probably not gonna get hurt by your level -3 wet paper sword. You would buy a better weapon, but one costs 500 unicorn horns and you only have 100, and those are the ones you got from a signing up gift.

I once played a game named Wizard 101. It was a pretty decent game (which is something, because I hate card games, but I liked this one because it felt more of a RPG.), and I spent one or two weeks playing it (More or less, I forgot.). When I reached level whothefuckcares, I realized that I was literally out of content. I mean, all the areas in which I haven't done shit yet were blocked. And I am probably not gonna stay in the same beginner areas fighting undead pirates until my hair whitens, so I quit.

Another example would be Spiral Knights. Now, this is a different style of F2P game. It's based on energy. In other words, you get a LIMIT to how much you can play. You want to play some more? Sorry, you need to pay x amount of dollars to resume the game, or you could wait until the next day. Pretty much every single Facebook game uses this energy bullshit, and I am glad I don't play Facebook games.

P.S. : Yes, I do realize that all this is SUPPOSED to make you buy a membership, but it's still annoying.

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