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Food Weird but good
Poptarts and butter

ketchup and apple pie

cool ranch doritos with spinach dip

resse's, french onion sun chips, and dr pepper

water and warheads XD

cheezits and banana pepper juice (as you would prepare cereal)

diced fried spam and mac & cheese

lemons with sugar

tomatoes with sugar

Try them sometime! they are all good
And you are prego in the eggo for eating that nastiness LMAO
Wildcard is awesome.
fried convenient store pizza pockets and Frito Lay bean dip! Yummilicious!
Ritz crackers with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and ranch dressing!
Chocolate cake eaten from between titties :p
Wildcard is awesome.
That's not weird food combinations, goober!
Cease and desist your bid to throw this thread into the pit! (Please)
The title of thus thread is not 'weird food combinations' it's 'weird but good' and my example definitely serves :p

Okay okay, weird food:

Pinto beans and mayonnaise are good to me, but some people are grossed out by the thought.
Wildcard is awesome.
That's a valid point. Her examples were all food items, though so I followed suite.
Bread, butter and raw garlic crushed on it. MY FAVOURITE!!!
My Torrents Are HERE And HERE Big GrinYay

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