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Food Favourite takeaway
Last night I had quite a few Big Grin A good friend that I haven't seen in ages showed up unannounced and took me for a night out. Of course, we drank more than just beer.
Wildcard is awesome.
I had Taco Mayo and Mickey's. OY am I paying for it.
Taco Mayo? Huh
Wildcard is awesome.
You don't have those? It's similar to Taco Bell, but nowhere near as good.
Not that I know of. The only fast food Mexican restaurant other than that used to be Dell Taco, but they went out of business years ago.
Wildcard is awesome.
(12-22-2011, 09:58 PM)Aish Wrote: I had Taco Mayo and Mickey's. OY am I paying for it.

who's mickey's Big Grin
Mickey's Beer
Haha, there's a wiki article
Taco Mayo

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