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Food Favourite takeaway
Tom yum goon is something I've yet to try, but now you've put a fire under my butt. I suggest Evil Jungle Noodles if you've never had them.

Shawarma is middle eastern, excellent with lamb, though I most often find it with beef. I am in full drool over Gyros as well, but really haven't come across a proper one in too long.
I got a tagine for my birthday last year... it's never been off my stove top, I love it to bits, and all the wonderful middle eastern/north african dishes you can make in it. My spices are threatening to take over my pantry entirely Smile

My favorite take-out is KFC . . . Big Grin
Wildcard is awesome.
Oh, Mark - Popeye's is sooooo much better.
Fish N' Chips (Fresh Cod or a flat Ray with plenty of S n' V ) Smile
My Torrents Are HERE And HERE Big GrinYay
(12-21-2011, 04:38 PM)Mark Wrote: Huh

My favorite take-out is KFC . . . Big Grin

A tagine is a special earthenware cooking pot.
(12-21-2011, 04:51 PM)2010kaiser Wrote: Fish N' Chips (Fresh Cod or a flat Ray with plenty of S n' V ) Smile

Hard to beat Smile Vinegar is essential on chips! My kids have tomato sauce, which is just plain wrong and I'm very disappointed in them.

The most common fish in the fisho's here is flake, which is shark meat. Totally awesome. Always battered though, crumbs don't really seem right at all.
I've had shark jerky - very tasty. I LOVE a good fried fish cake or fish taco, balsamic vinegar is my poison of preferance- but I'm a vinegar junkie - I eat it daily. Chips - that's what the rest of the world calls French Fries? I do so love them (plain or with ketchup, but especially sprinkled with spicy seasonings and dipped in Arby sauce). I avoid them mostly though, since they are a fat bomb and not good without salt and I have to watch my sodium.
Chips, yes -- it raises my blood pressure somewhat if it's late at night and there's nothing open but McDonalds, so we go in and they ask if we want fries with that. I've given up now, but I used to indignantly state that no I fucking wouldn't, but I could go some chips Big Grin

There are awesome crisps/potato chips here from Red Rock Deli, sea salt & balsamic vinegar flavour -- they're horribly addictive and may actually be evil.

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