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    What I'm am saying is that those who were responsible for the assassination of Dr. King, Communist, Socialists, and Nazis, are within Congress today. It is old news that Jesse Jackson is a Boule Society member who was part of the assassination of Dr. King. But the newer news is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and countless others, including Hillary Clinton and the Obamas, to name a few, are all Communists and Socialists.  They all talkn about Dr. King as if he were special even to them, but in truth, their movement was responsible for his assassination. Communists, Nazis, and Socialists are willing to kill anyone who stand in their way and Dr. King was proof of it. The sad thing is how they all lie and trick the American people into accepting their fake lies about Dr. King, as if he were their friend. President Obama used Dr. King to separate and divide black people. He also made it appear as if what he was saying about Dr. King helped him with his Communists and Socialist push because many black people really don't know the difference. Then he spreaded rumors that euro-americans were devils, appealing to the oppressed side of black and latino people. And after he left office, the infection he had spreaded took on a life of his own and its almost impossible to get black people to see him for the devil he really is! In truth, Dr. King had been a Communist pawn but was breaking away from his handlers. His opposition to the Vietnam war threatened to mobilize blacks who were already resorting to violence and terrorism. Just like the assassination of JFK in 1963, and his brother on June 6, 1968, these were Deep State hit jobs.

    The thing which makes it difficult to remove those Communists and Socialists out of Congress is illegal immigrant coting rights. As long as the illegals are promised jobs, housing, money, and security to remaining in America they'll sell out their own mothers and fathers. Many of them are from Socialist and Communist countries anyway, and as long as they get a piece of the pie, they vote for the same things in America which destroyed Venezuela and many other hispanic ran countries. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says when she and other females are through with President Trump and America, hispanics from the southern hemisphere will be ruling. Thats why the push for open borders is so important for them. Anyway, Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Day, commemorating the civil rights leader who was assassinated April 4, 1986. 

    Many people have often wondered who had lured MLK on to the balcony where he was a sitting duck! Was it a photographer? A little investigation revealed that the picture of Dr. King surrounded by  Hosea Williams, Jesse Jackson, and Ralph Abernathy, was taken April 3, the day before his murder.  Also, this was not "a balcony" but the front entrance to the Lorraine Motel rooms. King originally had a ground floor room. The room downstairs in the corner had originally been his room, his associate Andrew Young recalled. And the Memphis Police asked the hotel manager could they move him upstairs because they thought they could protect him better upstairs than on the ground floor. Nobody was complaining or anything, but he couldn't have been shot in that downstairs room. The police were all over on the other street and they were running toward us with their guns drawn and we were saying, 'The shot came from over there, Young recalled. "Instead of going to where the shot came from, they were coming to see about us." After the shooting, the police would not let anyone leave the Lorraine. Clara Ester, the black girl in the foreground photograph, was furious; they should be looking for whoever shot Dr. King, not quizzing them. "Why are y'all questioning us?'' she demanded of one euro-american officer. "We didn't do it. Y'all did it!''Unknown to her, Clara was photographed standing next to James Orange by Joseph Louw, who was doing a documentary on MLK for the precursor of PBS. The iconic picture of witnesses pointing in the direction of the shooter is sometimes attributed to Ernest Withers, a prominent civil rights movement photographer.

    Withers had been at his Beale Street studio when he heard King was shot. He ran to the Lorraine, where he met Louw and took him back to his darkroom to develop his film before returning to the Lorraine. Over the next few days, rioting erupted in dozens of cities. Now, federal officials pressured the city of Memphis to settle the sanitation workers strike which had brought King to Memphis. On April 16, the strike ended with the recognition of the workers' union and wage increases. But, unknown to Dr King and other civil rights leaders, Ernest Withers was also passing photographs of them, their biographical details, summaries of their political beliefs, and even their car licence plate numbers to the government. "He informed on pastors and political candidates and alerted the FBI to planned demonstrations. Some of his information helped to disrupt a Memphis militant group called The Invaders in the late 1960s. The tip-offs were so detailed they included information on a teacher who had lent a car to a suspected militant, and how cigarettes were being brought to activists in jail. He even provided pictures of priests who were suspected of supporting striking black workers. The day before Dr King's death Withers had been taking photographs of him, but he had also been telling the FBI about a meeting of suspected black militants. The photographer was also at Dr King's funeral where he discovered information, passed on to the FBI, that two men blamed for a previous riot were planning a return to Memphis. Withers' FBI role was revealed by a two-year investigation by Memphis newspaper The Commercial Appeal, who obtained some of his files under the Freedom of Information Act...

    Historians of the civil rights movement described the unmasking of Withers as a shocking betrayal and an illustration of how far J Edgar Hoover's FBI was prepared to go to infiltrate it."Joseph Louw had his iconic photo published in LIFE magazine. It was the seminal image of the tragedy, and his future seemed assured. But a year later, he moved back to Africa, where few people realized he'd shot the Lorraine photo. And he didn't tell them.  Withers, a former police officer, who also served in the Pacific in the Second World War, passed his tip-offs to two agents called Howell Lowe and William H Lawrence. He had eight children and there was speculation that his motives were financial. Ethan Theoharis, a historian at Marquette University, Wisconsin, and author of a book on the FBI said: 'It is an amazing betrayal. It really speaks to the degree that the FBI was able to engage individuals within the civil rights movement. This man was so well trusted.'" Louw was travelling with King for a public television documentary. He had fled to the USA from his native South Africa in 1963. Under that nation's apartheid system, he was classified as ''coloured" -- mixed white and black -- and charged with having (consensual) sex with a white woman. Those who knew him speculate about why he left America to practice journalism (first in Kenya, later in South Africa). John Ankele, an American friend, says Louw keenly felt the loss of hope that King's death symbolized, "so he went back to what he knew.'' Louw understood what he was leaving. Years later, his son Jacob found an invitation to the White House from 1968. "He laughed," Jacob recalls. "He said, 'Yeah, It was a big deal." After the Lorraine, "he didn't ride the train" of celebrity journalism, Jacob says. "He felt there were other stories to tell ... African stories." Louw's greatest satisfaction in Africa came from farming. He brought in three harvests before he died of cancer in 2003 at 64. U.S. newspapers and websites didn't carry his obituary.

    The Illuminati laughs at Americans everyday, knowing that they are playing on the emotions of blacks, latinos, and many euro-americans by playing on Dr. King's speeches and being. Their signs are everywhere, and Congress plans on enforcing all New World Order policies in full. So look out for the following: recurring Illuminati motifs include the dot in a circle (penis in vagina), Eye of Horus, rising sun (swoosh - as in horizon) compass and square, 666, two towers, Star of David, pentagrams and pyramid without the capstone. This is the way they signal their domination to insiders. Canadian Liberal Party (swoosh); Canada's governing Conservative Party (dot in circle); Disney 666; Tesoro, a large petroleum refiner; Voice of America, dot in circle; Delta Airlines - Pyramid; Iowa - Swoosh and sunrise; Healthy Child Manitoba-These logos combining dots, pentagrams and swooshes are everywherel Time Warner  (Eye of Horus)l Regina, Two Towers; Ottawa ( The O, 666 is on every street sign, police car, city bus and vehicle.); Toronto (Two Towers); Winnipeg, Dot in circle, swoosh, on every city bus and vehicle. The dot in circle is made of stylized 6's - as in 666; Google Chrome search engine (dot in circle) also 666; CBS (dot in circle); APTN - Eye of Horus, dot in circle, swooshes;  Obama '08 Pentagram; Colorado Seal with all seeing eye; Early Dodge car emblem; GOP and Democrat Logos GOP Pentagrams inverted  in 2000; Shell Logo is not a shell but a rising sun; MS Office Icons for Mac appear to be Hebrew Letters; Panhellenic Socialist Party (Governs & Bankrupts Greece); Woolworth in Australia 666.

    Many professional designers with big firms who didn't know these forms are Cabalistic signals for Luciferian rule.  The textbook or professors don't associate them with the occult. The 1948 Buick hood ornament, we were told, obviously symbolizes sexual intercourse.  But the professional commercial artist is trained to think it's just 'sex sells'. 666       Vav - Hebrew 6; The new BC logo adopted by Premier Campbell is pure Freemasonry. The golden arch, the sun is like an eye at the top of the pyramid / mountain. The colors are also Freemason blue and yellow. 147 Masonic lodges in British Columbia. Pyramid, Kangaroo is Eye of Horus; and Victoria Police- pentagon, facing down.   


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