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    Discussion: Sympathy for the Devil
    (01-07-2019, 06:29 PM)Wildcard Wrote:  3. Are the people running the website doing it for the money? At least partially, I would assume. So what? I can think of nothing better to make money doing— especially if you love doing it (and they seem to).

    Money is more of a by-product it would seem. He stated elsewhere (and on some of the catch videos) that he does it because he has a kid, and law enforcement isn't as "caught up" with enforcing the law as he'd like, and even the laws themselves need updating, so he's bringing awareness...

    They do sell merchandise and they accept donations... I'm sure the more notoriety they get the more money people give. Some people comment that they are glad to give money to help. I'm hoping this attention will backfire of the NBC reporter and make them stronger as a result.

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