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    Do Americans remember Paradise, California, a place where it was said that forest fires were responsible for the destruction of an entire town? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Republican Conservative assassinated by DEemocrats who implemented the Nazi, Socialist, and Communist movements in America, once state4d that he had a dream that little euro-american and black children would one day do things together. Dr. King witnessed the horrors and knew what was to come which was one reason why he turned against the Communists. Thus, the Memphis Police and the FBI were directly responsible for his assassination, not to mention the Illuminati and the Black Illuminati. Anyone who turns against the Communist or is in a position of power to threaten their agendas will be assassinated. Just research the many politicians and Senators who mysteriously died in 2017. Each of them either spoke out or fought behind the scenes against today's Democrats and Liberals, with some republicans, that have embraced Nazism, Socialism, and Communism, three movements uniying a New World Order. But humans won't be part of it. I'm talking about blacks, latinos, and euro-americans who have been within this country all of their lives! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nati...940450002/

    We must work closer together or what happened in Paradise, California will happen to us. I'm a veteran, and consulting comrads not long ago, it was revealed that what happened to Paradise wasn't a forest fire. It was a powerful EMP military like weapon responsible. And the people in Paradise were considered guinea pigs for the project.  Within the enclosed video you will hear information that you may find hard to believe since it was said that police were our friends. Democrats are so busy calling President Trump a racist and separating people in America that very few of them are investigating what happened to the people in Paradise. Facebook even censored posts by victims. And many of them may be euro-american, but they were a kind people. White supremacists and black white supremacists here in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, will come at me harder than before for posting this. They have already drove past where I live and made claims against me even though I was sleep and my spouse witnessed it all. They will continue to lie and manipulate facts just to keep Americans in a state of severe ignorance. There is a plan to wipe out most of the population, and despite what Democrats may have told you behind the scenes, just use your own minds. Politicians who call others racists and then try and hide behind the words of Dr, King a4re spell casters. They have placed a spell over the minds of most of the American population, and if we are not careful, we will end up in race and other wars which will devestate the children forever. http://www.chemtrailplanet.com/DEW.html

    They claim to represent equality but each time they speak venon comes out of their mouths. The deaths of those in Paradise should not go uninvestigated! A disagreement between euro-american children with a Native American in Kentucky is a plot to overthrow the government by getting everyone to believe that President Trump is responsible for each and every racist act in America. But when Trump was very young, blackmen were being castrated in the south. Who do we blame for this? Why is Trump such a major threat, even though euro-americans are being wiped out by the military and Deep State! Like I said, they are using very crafty and racist euro-american women against me from behind the scenes. Even though we have never made contact with one another, somehow they are being used to make up things just to not only discredit my threads, but to also discredit me. And all of the data against me will never be revealed before any court. Just like with all so-called minorities, they'll lie making one appear to be so violent that specifically hand picked killer cops will eventually get involved. And should you twitch a muscle the wrong way they'll gun you down like a duck! This is what the military calls killing humans; shooting ducks!  There is a plan to kill out all humans in America! This doesn't involve clones, alien human hybrids, nor androids. They will be the slaves in the New World Order.

    Anyway, please listen to the recordings of those poor souls in Paradise who the medias refuse to hear! And like I said, there are many unknown enemies in Lebanon County, Pa., who will continue to have me banned on certain websites. So get the jewels while you still can! Take care.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8TGe4HqLAg

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