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Diabetes Control
@Bunny your post speaks to what I said about regulation-- diabetes has actually been know to 'set in' because of big changes that cause your body to sense trauma. On a smaller scale, being regular in everything is more important for diabetics, but is not a bad idea for anyone really.
You're totally right.

My doctor actually suggested losing large amounts of weight is safer to do slower. I gain and lose and gain and lose. when i was sick with cancer i gained back 25 pounds bc they said eat anytime you want bc you're gonna lose during treatment and surgery and i did. but Now i have to watch what i eat bc the gaining and losing seesaw makes my diabetes out of control sometimes. thankfully Now i hardly ever have trouble unless I'm hit with really bad news and my sugar plummets.
(05-30-2013, 10:39 PM)sporkium Wrote: there are many reliable, efficient, inexpensive and painless methods of committing suicide - however - as with any endeavor, proper planning is essential to achieving success... but that's for another thread.

True, thankfully, it was a lack of proper planning that kept me alive both times. Now I don't want to die, and I don't want to live like a cripple either, which is why I need to care more about taking care of my diabetes.
(05-30-2013, 11:05 PM)Wildcard Wrote: However diabetes is also the kind of thing that you can't fuck with. You do what you must to stay aright and if not, you could very well die.

I was thought to have had the beginnings of that. My wife said she could "smell it on my breath". She wanted to take me to the hospital, but I just took a bunch of fast acting insulin (not as much as my first suicide attempt). But I started to feel better, so I guess I didn't have it. But that's when I first learned Ketoacidosis existed, since she thought I was suffering from it.
(05-30-2013, 11:44 PM)Bunny Wrote: I was not a diabetic until the last couple of years in my life. i was overweight through my teen years and dropped a large amount of weight years back. i still became a diabetic even after completely changing my life. i do not eat or drink anything with sugar. i drink Alot of water and crystal light. i also walk about 5 miles a week. and i try to watch my carb intake. I'm not insulin dependant. i take one small pill a day. sometimes diabetes just happens even if you are eating right and exercising. i lost 80 pounds in 9 months and started having blood sugar problems then. i always thought it was just a big people disease. not true.

Agree 100%. I was at the peak of my diabetes care, doing everything right, but there is a such thing as too low of a blood sugar level. These symptoms are more noticeable: Dizzyness, feeling faint, feeling what I call to be an "internal burning". That's nasty to feel that way. I was under the impression when I first started to take care of myself that low sugar is better than high...incorrect. You have to keep the level balanced. Too low also wreaks havoc on your organs since it putts a major tax on them. But I guess too high of a blood glucose does too, since too high of a blood level was described to me as: "think of the sugar as little shards of glass going through your organs" .
I fucking hate Diabetes. Like today. I didn't eat anything wrong, I had 2 sugary soda's all day (the rest were diet & water) and my blood glucose is 593... I HAVE to get back to the gym. Exercise is SO important in Diabetes control.I took my fast acting insulin now and my Janumet (Januvia & metformin) earlier in the am. I HATE having to rely on pills to control my life...
You hate to rely on medicine but you also hate to maintain a strict diet and exercise routines-- trust me I am not throwing stones at you, I can see the dilemma.

My dad is the closest person to me with diabetes and I have seen his struggle much more closely so I tend to refer to him a lot when the subject arises mainly because I have been impressed with his will to live healthy since his diagnosis.

Doing very simple things like walking one mile per day-- taking the stairs when you can rather than an escalator or elevator and ridding your life of sodas (diet or otherwise) because not just for diabetics but for everyone that is the better option.

I see my mom (who isn't diabetic but hypoglycemic) who has rid her life of sugar just because my dad can't have it and it gives me strength when I have to exercise my own willpower-- incidentally, I have no will power. srsly

If I were diabetic I would perish quickly with Rocky Road dripping from my chin and a huge smile on my face.
If I looked at it honestly, I'd say you're 100% correct...I tried the straight & narrow, was doing good for a while. Then I got sick & said F-it

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