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"Dark Lord" urinates on burning bible
This guy was arrested for burning and pissing on a bible

He was arrested and I agree with that. As much as I don't agree with religion, I still respect everyone else's right to practice theirs if they want. I'm trying to think of a good format of topics to follow, but there are a few good ones here, do I bring up the age old debate about religions and ask why all this g0d versus devil shit is still, going on??? Nah, kinda boring, and not really relevant to what I want to try to get from you... I guess the topic is, what the fuck is wrong with people these days, why do they resort to such douchey tactics? don't people have better things to do then to piss on a bible you lit on fire for whatever stupid fucking reason he had (because he was the dark lord), Fuck you douche bag... Are people just getting that fucking stupid?
I wouldn't say stupid but the guy is obviously just another attention whore, and reminds me of Elliot Rodgers. It makes me laugh when these so called satanists and 'dark lords' attack christianity due to having no thoughts or ideas of their own. Why do they never obsess about hinduism or judaism, why must their beliefs centre around the beliefs of another? If the 'dark lord' had any originality about him, he would drop the christianity chip and create his own beliefs instead of wasting time pissing on burning bibles.. which kids have been doing as an act of rebellion against their parents/the man for decades.
"everyone wants to win but no one wants to drink a bucket of sj's piss" - bob5695
I agree with you completely. Like you said, this guy wants attention but is too lazy to have the creative nick it would take for him to invent something worthwhile and interesting. Instead he regurgitates g0d & d3v1L BS.. how lame. hahahahaha

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