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    Club Presidency
    I am a pretty hard-working student in junior year at my school and have been a member of a club that focuses on future health professionals. Last week, I ran for the president role of the club and tied with a sophomore, which was shocking to me, as I had a speech prepared and she didn't. Knowing it was because she had family friends and close friends in the club, I voted to go for re-elections, which were held today.

    Not to sound cocky or pretentious, but I am far more qualified than she is.

    I had campaigned to club members in the time before re-elections, giving an elevator pitch to as many people as I could sway, and four of them agreed to vote for me. The catch was, they would be unable to attend the meeting that day due to sports events, transportation issues, etc. but agreed to email the club adviser, sending in their vote for me.

    Well lo and behold, all of my votes through email were invalid, and none were counted. All four members did not get to have a say because they were simply not present at the meeting.

    Come the day of re-elections, I enter the classroom where the club is held and more than half of the attendees are faces I've never seen before. Friends of my opponent who are not club members and have only come to vote for her. I was devastated and clearly outnumbered, and desperately plead for fairer ground to the adviser. However, because it was not stated on the club constitution that non-members couldn't vote, I was S.O.L.

    I had many friends offer to attend the club during re-elections, but I turned them all down because I would feel to guilty, and it would've felt no different from cheating.

    So how does it make any sense at all that the emails of the actual club members were voided but not the votes of non-club members?

    I had an entire PowerPoint presentation, excellent delivery, and many more titles to my name. I.e. hospital internship, CNA training, Band Section Leader Exp., Summer Camp Counselor, personal connections to a broad list of medical professionals.

    She had a poorer delivery and only a speech with no visuals.

    Surprise: I lost. And I was even more devastated.

    After putting so much effort, three hours of practicing my speech, campaigning, and preparing so arduously for something I've been planning for since I first joined the club, I felt virtually shattered. The funniest thing is that the info meeting before elections, she walked in and asked "should I run for something?".

    Nobody had the club's best interest in mind and most of them weren't even in the club, nor were going to be. I feel totally defeated and swindled out of a position I worked so hard for, and feel betrayed by the seniors who voted for my opponent. I don't feel comfortable being in an organization that's so corrupt and careless, and I don't think I'll return as a member next year out of sheer embarrassment and hurt. I know I'm being a crybaby, but I actually cared so much about this election and seeing the general attitude of the club members make me want to move ahead and never look back.
    As the self proclaimed president of my pants, I can say that sometimes being the top dong isn't all it is cracked up to be.

    The only other members regularly present are a pair of nuts.

    Perhaps this is a good indication that this club isn't the best outlet for your efforts. Had you won, you would now be president of a membership that isn't focused on the clubs mission.

    On the other hand, if this is a truly democratic club, then the president isn't the seat of power. The body is. In other words, being the president isn't essential to moving forward as a group. It is strictly an administrative role.

    If you can tolerate the other members, and participating in this club is something you still want to do, then stay with it.

    Otherwise, walk away and find a more fulfilling use of your time.

    Speaking of time, I have a staff meeting to attend.


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