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Buying a modern MP3 player
I grew up using tape and cd walkmans and I witnessed the first mp3 players entering the stores. To completely ditch having a media player of any variety is something I simply cannot do. I just feel comfortable knowing the device in my hand is being used for its intended purpose and most importantly something I can carry a large collection of my songs and videos around on without any dependence on a data or wifi connection.
Oooh, post/topic revival...I just realised that my mp3 player that I still use (and love!!!!) is something like 7 years old! It is a first generation Creative Zen's so old that it's not even on the archived products list! :O

And then I realised that Creative no longer make mp3 players...Sad They have some really good stuff back then! If they still do it, I'd totally pick one up from them (yea, I'm pretty biased for Creative because they were my alternative to iPod).

I hope you've gotten your mp3 player by now Smile
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