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Art? Really?
I believe in personal expression in every aspect of life. Basically I have the 'whatever floats your boat' mentality, but do you really think some of this crazy painting is art?

I saw a painting in Chicago once that sold for $20,000 and it was literally this man's blood and excrement smeared on a canvas. It wasn't even a picture! It was random streaks! I hesitate to say it but to me that is just good marketing- it's not art.
Wildcard is awesome.
yeah ya mean it was f*****g shite GunHystericalMachine Gun Guy
Now that's why I love having you around, KP. Such a great vocabulary Hysterical
Wildcard is awesome.
that's me all over,SB can't handle me anymore Big GrinBig Grin
I'm just glad it's back up. I missed the chaos
Wildcard is awesome.
hhhmmm i need to conjur up something for vf
don't go arty on us now
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
was on SB irc just got of it,was slagging the fuck outta everyone lol,they love me there RolleyesShy
Then they banned you? I wonder why . . .
Wildcard is awesome.
(11-29-2011, 06:28 PM)Mark Wrote: I hesitate to say it but to me that is just good marketing- it's not art.

And therein lies the problem these days -- it's about making money, not producing culture. As a musician, you can't get a record deal unless you've already produced your own music and made a name for yourself. As a writer, you can't get published unless you've already got publishing credits (or unless you've shagged a footballer and illustrate your memoir pamphlet with graphic photos). As a painter, your work won't sell unless someone famous says it's worth buying, or unless you're someone famous and all you've done is decorate a coffee cup.

It's not about the product, it's about the packaging.

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