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    Annoying Ex Boyfriend
    So we broke up MONTHS ago, like almost a year ago. And I have ZERO lingering feelings for him now, especially so since he not only broke up with me over the fact that I hung out with my best friends more than him (while he was at track practice all the time), but also cheated on me.
    Though he apparently doesn't think he cheated, and treats it like she was all over him - but he also was all over her and asked her to Prom promptly after dumping me at Prom Assembly - and did so in a way thinking that I'd end up dateless to senior prom. Jokes on him, I went with a really cute guy friend (BWAHA).

    He's always been an insecure person, and quite honestly after looking back I'm not actually sure what I ever saw in him to begin with. I think I just wanted to see what being in a relationship was like - especially since the one I'd been in before went down in flames due to an age gap, angry parents, and an ex gf from hell.

    Part of his reasoning for dumping me was that I was on tinder - which btw, he knew ALL ABOUT from the get go that it was for a partnered project in my psychology class. I was not meeting anyone - though I did find some friends I knew prior on there LOL, nor was I interested in anyone. Heck I let him see the messages if he wanted to. He should've trusted me to not do anything, yet he didn't.
    No helping that I guess.

    Then add in the fact that we'd broken up once before (me dumping him), only for him to come crawling back and say that "let's try again, and if we have any insecurities, just lay them on the table and we'll talk it through."

    Go figure he dumps me over my hanging out with friends (female ones at that) without even attempting to talk about it. And listens to his friend's rumors and smack talking me over - you know - me.
    Ok. Awesome.

    It is now February 2016.
    I am very much crushing on a friend of mine - and it appears to be mutual.
    I do not have time for high school bs drama, as I am paying all my own bills now and going to school full time with 2 part time jobs.
    Life is hard, but also fun. I've never been this happy with my life for years.
    I have not thought of this ex once in the last 4-5 months, except when he does stupid annoying things.

    I get a snapchat from him of a trashcan keychain and "look its my ex" on it days before Valentines.
    What in the actual fuck?
    Like I knew he was a douche nugget, but now I'm even more disgusted by him and the fact we used to date. I feel like I got used.
    It's like he's trying to piss me off? Idek.
    It's just, why can't he just move the fuck on and get a life??? I'm trying to enjoy the few good things in my life right now, and every time there's a holiday, or he's drunk or high I get a txt or snapchat - even through our mutual friends - from him being an idiot.

    (And yes I blocked him on snap, I didn't realize un friending didn't mean he couldn't send before)
    Text is also blocked now as well.

    What did I ever do to him to deserve this???
    What happened to being mature and moving on peacefully?
    Hi hanalarene,

    It sounds like you're making some good strides in life, anyone who works hard to have a life deserves one so for that I wish you the best.

    Unfortunately, a lot of folk don't take kindly to rejection, even if it was their ignorance and distrust that ended the relationship. My advice would be to steer real clear of your ex, so don't react to his taunting and focus as best you can on you life. He will eventually get the picture and if he doesn't... There are always restraining orders.

    I wish the best of luck to ya.

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