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An Art thread
Some works by Chen Wenling

[Image: BHzoDalCMAEvjnq.jpg:large]

[Image: chen_05.jpg]

[Image: chen-wenling-second-exhibition-hall.jpg]

[Image: chen_wenling3.jpg]

[Image: Chen-Wenling-Ark-of-Transcendence-stainl...-2012..jpg]

[Image: 8673789983_55b6e50c3b_o.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_lwij2vRzV91qk38c7o1_500.jpg]

[Image: d598ccc8348edb19665f6a4d3d3c9309.jpg]

[Image: 4580theme_1.jpg]

[Image: chen+wenling2.jpg]

[Image: ChenWenling3fzefz4654f64z.jpg]

[Image: Chen-Wenling-5.jpg]

[Image: A-Happy-Life-by-Chen-Wenling-2006-425x598.jpg]
that those with no rights,
display the right to have no life, to have respect they must accept
a world commiting suicide
LEGO art.

[Image: lego-art-6.jpeg]
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
- Robert A. Heinlein
[Image: japanese-school-samurai-of-old-japan-arm...arrows.jpg]
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
[Image: street_art_alice_pasquini_2.jpeg]
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
- Robert A. Heinlein
This amazing sculpture is called 'The Caring Hand' and is located in Glarus, Switzerland.

[Image: Bpan4ECIQAE1FJv.jpg]

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