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    Age Difference
    Does the age difference between two people in a relationship matter to you? It's a really big deal to a lot of people, and to others it seems insignificant. If it is an issue, what do you consider to be an appropriate age difference for a relationship?

    "Let the music be your master. Will you heed the master's call?"
    for me personally...10 years gap should do it

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    May My Light guides you
    okay well with that being said, would you say that 10 years difference is more acceptable for a couple when that's not almost half of their life? Or does it matter? I've heard argument that it doesn't matter quite as much for a couple to be in the 30-40 range as much as it does for a 20 yr old to date a 30 yr old, because 10 years is the half-life of the 20 yr old. Is that a common rule of thumb, or is it bogus thinking?

    "Let the music be your master. Will you heed the master's call?"
    I said in behalf of my own opinions
    well..let's just say some of peoples first love happens at 10...to their math teacher
    and those feeling goes around them until somehow, sometimes 15 years later they meet again..and so on the romance begin

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    May My Light guides you
    Mrs Snilloc and I met and married when I was 35 and she was 27 so personally I say 7 1/2 years difference works for us. But we have a daughter of 17 (next week) and if she wanted to go out with someone in there mid 20’s all hell would break loose.

    So to answer your question, personally what’s good for me is not good for my daughter. Hypocritical, unreasonable but factual.

    If you understand this then you are better than me because I dontHuh
    I agree with Snilly, it isn't just about numbers. Perception plays a big role in it and it certainly depends on the personalities of the persons involved.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I believe maturity plays an important role in the age difference factor. Me personally, i dont believe a teenager of any age should date above 2 years of their own age. Things can move to fast with a teenager say,that's 15 and the other one is 20. i think its too much. and what the Hell does a grown person want with a kid??

    Then ive been on the other side of the spectrum. i was 22 and He was 36. i personally regret this relationship. i learned alot but it changed me in ways i wouldn't talk about here. Yes age is just a number, but i do think maturity is so important. Then again some can't handle a huge age gap no matter how mature they are. The thing that really kills me are those with the mommy or daddy issues. The older one treats the other one like their child. i WOULD NEVER WANT THAT.

    My Mother in law is 55 and my Father in law is 83 (a young 83 whatever that means).

    They have been together 12 years married 10 and they are happy.
    he must be richBig Grin

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    of small minds[
    No Comment needed LMAOLMAOLMAOLMAO

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